—by Kolleen Taylor

With the schools’ spring break this week we are expecting afternoons to be busier than normal. We have some projects for our young people this week, with Legos, puzzle sheets, puzzles, and board games set up throughout the library for leisurely fun. We also want to remind everyone that those who read Young Adult books are having a chance to vote on their favorite books with ballots at the front desk and the YA area for the "Tournament of YA Books". Each week there is a bracket winner, as in sports, and the next bracket will have fewer to vote on. This week we had a tie, so the tournament will be extended a week as we re-vote to find our winners!

We should be closing the books on the official "winter" of 2014….as we welcome the season of spring this week. So spring cleaning is in the works for many households, and even at the library we are trying to get our space tidy and fresh. In process are a number of projects that include cleaning out hidden areas, shifting books to better balance the shelves and allow for better marketing. Everyone has their challenges to getting ready for spring projects. As we were going through our book collections last week, we were analyzing some of our books on organization, cleaning, and found some real treasures on our shelves.

"Natural Cleaning for your Home" and "Natural Alternatives for You and Your Home", both by Casey Kellar are books that not only simplify the products you need to have on hand for cleaning, she is using products that are more eco-friendly. Not only does it tell you what to use, there are actual recipes and tools that spell out how to clean each item, from toys to carpets, kitchens and bathrooms, just to name a few.

"Clutter Free, Finally and Forever", by Don Aslett, and "Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff", edited by Lori Baird, address the inevitable question that comes up when cleaning…..why do I have so much! These books include some humorous stories about the pre-hoarding conditions of clutter, and specific steps at addressing various areas in your homes and offices.

"2001 Amazing Cleaning Secrets", by Jeff Bredenberg, intrigued me, as it was written by a man, and most of the men in my world do not clean, so I had to look closer. He addresses areas I don’t think about until I have a problem, which includes cleaning grills, bicycles, asphalt and awnings, in addition to areas I DO think about, especially when the dust mites start moving around in my rooms!

Finally, the book I’m taking seriously, is the one titled "Make Your House Do the Housework", by Don Aslett and Laura Aslett Simons. I am so ready for this book! If I can have my house do this chore, I’m going to be a very, happy person. My gut tells me I better read the book, because I have something in mind like a Fairy Godmother who taps her wand, and then everything is spic and span!

I’m counting on some tips that can truly help, as I am not the worst person in my world when it comes to clutter…so I’m hopeful some of these books can be shared with others who need a few tools to get them started!