We hope many of you can join us next Tuesday evening when we help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Iowa Department of Transportation with the presentation by Leighton Christiansen, the Iowa DOT Librarian. Titled "A Journey in Transportation: The Iowa Department of Transportation Centennial and Iowa Transportation History Highlights", Iowa librarians have been very pleased with the program and the local response to the presentation.

The program follows the story of transportation in Iowa back to its earliest origins. Once the country became more settled, transportation was mostly animal powered until the 1800s, when the first steam boats plied Iowa’s navigable rivers. Now Iowa is home to transportation by highway, water, air, public transit, rail, and trail, much of it built, maintained, or overseen by the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT). This year the DOT celebrates 100 years of connecting the people of Iowa to each other, and the world. The photos, items, and stories on display highlight the many ways the DOT touches nearly all aspects of Iowa commerce, life, and leisure. Christiansen will provide an opportunity to delve into our history, including tidbits of trivia and opportunities for discussion from a very local perspective.

So after this week, there will be less than two weeks to wrap up the summer reading program! Reading logs and challenges have been coming in steadily, and we remind everyone that the way the program works this summer it is easy to catch up if you have been vacationing. The last day to turn in logs to earn prizes will be on August 10, just before school starts again.

Those who have already collected their tickets for the Iowa Cubs game need to be reminded that the game that these tickets are for will be on Sunday afternoon August 11 at 1:05 p.m. We hope that we have many more homerun readers who will be able to attend the game, and who our Iowa team just how many great fans they have, who also like to read! They will be playing against the Fresno Grizzlies. If you have never been to an I-Cubs game, this is a great way to see this great Iowa team, and join in a great American tradition.

Also, if you were in the library a lot at the beginning of the summer, and felt like you had found all the books and authors to read, we do want to remind everyone that we continue to add books every week to our collection. For those who would like to see what is newest on our shelves, but can’t get to the library often, our Pinterest page, which is linked to our website (www.storycity.lib.ia.us) lists our newest books. Organized by year, you can view a cover of the book and a brief description. If you need more details, double clicking the mouse on the cover will take you to the original website which usually gives you much more information.

So don’t forget, the library programs continue throughout the month of July, then we take a short break until after school starts. Watch for more details on fall programming in the weeks ahead.