100 Years Ago

January 1914

Dr. Born has left for Omaha where he will be employed as inspector of the yards.

Earl Tiede has succeeded H. Kloster as clerk in the post office. Kloster has taken Severt Marvick’s place as assistant cashier at the bank.

Walter Stark had the misfortune to break one of his arms last Saturday (Dec. 27).

F.W. Heers went to Des Moines last week (from the Jan. 1 issue) and purchased two Strawberry roan mares at a cost of $600.

Mrs. Evan Amlund underwent an operation on her foot Saturday (Dec. 27).

The Story City National Bank has moved into its new building on the corner.

William Baldus is suffering from a carbuncle on his jaw.

Otto Nelson broke his leg last week (from the Jan. 8 issue) getting on his motorcycle.

Jennie Nordskog has joined the force at the First National Bank as bookkeeper.

Peter R. Thorson has moved to the Marvick farm north of Henry Toft’s place.

A crowd of young people enjoyed a taffy pull at the home of Burnice Tressler last Saturday (Jan. 10).

John Ask has moved onto the W.M. Baldus farm.

Henry Severeid has been asked to join the newly organized Federal League.

Lincoln Henderson was badly bruised when he was run over by a wagon on Saturday (Jan. 17).

Mabel and Mamie Heers and Beulah Baldus returned last week (from the Jan. 22 issue) from attending the short course in Ames.

A shingling bee was held at the Charles Richards barn last Monday (Jan. 19).

Mrs. Lars Skeie had a bad fall while going about her household duties last Friday (Jan. 23).

90 Years Ago

January 1924

There were 226 marriages and 50 divorces in Story County last year.

It was 22 below zero yesterday morning (Jan. 2). The dandelions that bloomed last week are no more.

New Year’s parties were held by the Grace and Immanuel young people, and at the homes of Celia Henderson, Kalah Knutson and Vivian and Mamie Kalseim.

Clinton A. Sheffield has donated a fine gilt sign for the library.

Only two schools in the county were run more economically than the Story City school system last year.

Last night (Jan. 9) the mercury reached 35 below zero; the coldest in 12 years!

Hazel Peterson was unconscious for some hours when the bobsled in which she was riding with a group of St. Petri young people tipped over and she was bumped on the head.

Sanford Hill is off the basketball team for awhile after a tumble on a pair of skis.

John Malmanger has returned to his post at Teig & Larson’s after an illness of several weeks.

In figures just compiled for the American League, Henry Severeid led all catchers in fielding with a mark of .993, making only four errors in 116 games. This is also the third year in a row he has topped the .300 mark among catchers in hitting.

Evelyn Baldus has the chicken pox.

The Story City Butter Tub had a banner year. It used over 40 cars of lumber to construct 100 cars of butter tubs.

The town of Jewell purchased the buildings and equipment of the now defunct Jewell Lutheran College.

Sixteen farmers in southwest Lafayette and Harrison Townships are putting in a large drainage ditch.

The M & St. L. got stuck in a snowbank between here and Roland and rested there for six hours.

The Paggett family is quarantined for diphtheria.

In the Declamatory Contest held at Gilbert last week (from the Jan. 17 issue), Genevieve Jacobson, Orlin Askelson and Clifford Hougland were first; Norman Jacobson, Inez Ballard and Alina McCoy, second; and Clifford Hougland came in first overall.

Lawrence Donhowe had an operation at Rochester to remove a chunk of cement which had lodged in his back last summer.

The Martin & Braden Cafe was sold last week (from the Jan. 24 issue) to Ray Anderson of Randall and his sister, Helen, of Webster City.

The shipping association did $235,000 worth of business during 1923.

The new Northwestern depot is in operation and is a thing of beauty.

Gilbert beat Story City in an overtime period 26-24. The local girls also lost 27-3.

Mrs. C.H. Hutchison is the new assistant librarian.

Henry Kreutner and family have moved to town from near Stanhope and have rented the Andrew Peterson place.

The John Hove family sold out near Stanhope and are moving soon to their residence here, which they purchased from Herman Jorgenson. Theo. Larson has rented the Hove farm.

Mrs. Carrie Strong willed $10,000 to the town of Jewell to erect a hospital.

Arnold Johnson and Earl Dodds are attending the Capital City Commercial College.

Nevada won a well-deserved victory over Story City 34-19.

Borrowers at the library now total 524. George Kramme is the new President and Gwendolyn McDowell is librarian.

The Gust Ness family has moved to the Stena Heggen residence from the farm.

Earl Christian, of near Roland, was kicked in the jaw by a horse and several stitches were taken.

Ames brick layers are now getting $1.35 an hour.

M.J. Baldus has installed a Mammoth Buckeye incubator and is now ready to do custom hatching - 1600 eggs every Tuesday.

80 Years Ago

January 1934

The local basketball team defeated Zearing before Christmas here, with Edgar Ose the star, caging 10 field goals. The score was 36-11.

Mary Baldus is teaching for Neoma Reinsch, who had her tonsils removed last Wednesday (Dec. 27).

The Adult Short Course started last night (Jan. 3) with 75 in attendance.

Torkel Sande suffered a broken hip when he fell on an icy walk.

Charles Canady has a bunch of busy bees on his place across the river; they having made something like one and a half tons of honey for him last year.

The Randall boys won another game Friday (Jan. 5). The lineup was: Paulsrud, Anderson, Miller, Benson, Loren and Lloyd Maland and Espeland.

The R.A. Sweet home is still under quarantine for scarlet fever. Mrs. Sweet is ill, and Marie Heggen is caring for her.

The county reports that 204 couples received marriage licenses in 1933, which was 80 more than in 1932.

So far January has been about 10 degrees warmer than normal.

Story lost its game to Maxwell 19-16 last week (from the Jan. 18 issue) with Valen high with six points.

Ed Ose suffered a bad break in the bones of one of his elbows at the basketball game Friday (Jan. 12).

Cupid got in some good licks in Hamilton County, with 139 permits to wed being issued in 1933 against only 87 in 1932.

Eleven people have taken out blanks for applications for postmaster here.

Laverne Romsey, 13 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Romsey, was seriously injured on Monday (Jan. 22) when he was kicked in the face by a horse.

The temperature dropped from 50 to 0 yesterday (Jan. 24).

Oscar Braland found $230 in an old mattress he was burning the other day.

Mrs. Iver Egenes has been very ill with pneumonia and has been cared for by her mother, Mrs. Mary Lane of Des Moines.

Our thermometers did one of their fancy tailspins Saturday (Jan. 27). From 55 Saturday noon to 14 below zero Sunday morning; an unusual Iowa winter indeed.

A corps of 22 men started building dams in the Skunk River Monday (Jan. 29), the first one to be of rocks below the hill at the Carpenter place.

Homer Brown, Edward Reilly and Robert Berry have set out on a motor trip to the west.

Woodland Farm Dairy has purchased the business of Sam E. Severeide, who has been in the dairy business many years.

Mrs. Henry Anfinson in Saskatchewan, Canada, lost the setting for a valuable ring a year and a half ago. The other day she found it in the gizzard of a goose she was dressing.