On January 16th, six 3rd and 4th grade students competed in the Invent Iowa Competition at the Roland-Story Elementary. To prepare for the competition, students did a survey to get ideas on things that would make life better in some way. They then researched the ideas they got to see if any were already created. New inventions were created with the help of parents. At school, display boards were made to explain the process of the development of the invention. Students also documented all their ideas in an inventor’s journal. The whole process culminated in the Invent Iowa Competition. Parents were invited to come and enjoy their students as they made their presentations to the judges. Students who competed were: Rhianna Koppes, Kate Synder, Julie Oakland, Ella Sirna, Jake Sandry, Mychal Spencer, Mason Friest. The winner of this year’s competition was Ella Sirna with the invention "The Ultra Collar." A special thank you to our judges Ann and Lynn Wilbur and Deb Morris. They had a hard job to do!