Story City Century Homes & Buildings

—by Kate Feil, Story City Historical Society Director

If you would like to take a driving tour of all of the Century Homes and Buildings, maps are available at the Bertha Bartlett Public Library, 503 Broad St. or at the Carriage House Museum, 619 Grand Ave.

This week we are featuring two homes located on the west side of town, the O.A. Olson Home and the Fred Corneliussen Home. There was very little information written about either of these two homes in the 1913 Heralds, luckily we were able to find information from other sources about the homes.

O.A. Olson Home (407 Broad St)

According to the 1914 Directory of Story County Iowa, O.A. Olson was a station agent. On April 17, 1950, the O.A. Olson house was sold to Lars Kalvik of Jewell for $8,200.

Fred Corneliussen Home (411 Washington St)

By the middle of April of 1913, Fred Corneliussen had plans ready for his new home and some of the material already in place. Fred built his home on the lots west of the S.R. Corneliussen home. In the middle of September Fred and his family moved into their new home.

Last fall, Don Brattebo, whose family owned the home for 60 years, shared with the Historical Society a detailed history of the home. In 1915 the home was sold to C.E. Christiansen for $4,000. The home remained in the Christiansen family for several years until Lewis and Ruby Brattebo began renting it in 1934 for $13.00 a month. Lewis and Ruby eventually purchased the home in 1944 for $3,600. The Brattebo family owned 411 Washington until it was sold in 2002. The Historical Society would like to thank the current owners, the Watts family, and Don Brattebo for sharing photos, memories, and the history of the house.

(This is the ninth in a continuing series of articles featuring the various century homes and buildings of Story City, as compiled and researched by Story City Historical Society Director Kate Feil.)