Helping Hands has been a youth volunteer organization for 32 years and, as a way to raise funds and have fun at the same time, organized a 3-on-3 basketball tournament 32 years ago. It has been successful in both raising funds and having fun. Monies raised go back into the communities, in various ways — such as to organizations, to groups, to community projects, to seriously ill peers. Over the 32 years, in excess of $110,000 has been given back and additionally hundreds of hours of hands-on help has been volunteered.

The 3 on 3 tournament was held in the new South Hardin Middle School gym in Hubbard on Saturday, March 18. There were eight team positions available in six girls’ and six boys’ divisions for teams from 2nd grade through Post High School.

We initiated new scoring that is somewhat more in line with the scoring in the rest of the world, 2 points and 3 points behind the arch, instead of strictly 1 point per bucket. There were still no foul shots but 1 point was awarded to the opponent. As in years past, there were two new games every 12 minutes that were of varying lengths depending to the grade of the teams playing. We are evaluating this new scoring and may tweak it for next year. Hopefully, everyone had a good time. There were many compliments given to those working at the tourney; that attests to the fine job the workers did.

In each division, the Champion Team members received an impressive trophy and a t-shirt; a large engraved medal was awarded to Champion division second, third, and Consolation first. Champion fourth place and Consolation second, third, and fourth each received a fancy ribbon that indicated the position the team finished. As the Post High School division has many more eligible players, we plan for the probability of more than 8 teams; that happened this year and the teams were divided into two brackets that played separate competition and the winners playing for an overall champion.

The most teams came from South Hardin/H-R/ENP and Roland-Story school districts; there were 18 other school districts that had cheering fans, as well. Teams and individuals traveled from school districts as far away as West Des Moines, Clive, Grimes, Madrid and Jesup.

The results for this year’s tournament are as follows:

2017 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Results

2nd – 4th Grade Boys

Champions: 1st: Preston Stensland (Gilbert), Isaiah Zoske, Co’Hiem Brown (Marshalltown)

2nd: Madden Ulenhopp, Griffen Ulenhopp,Dawson Wikert (Hampton)

3rd: Jaxon Cathcart, Drew Gilbert, Caleb Hadden (West Des Moines – Westridge)

4th: Nathan Peters, Cormick Steege, Luke Jacobson (Aplington-Parkersburg)

Consolation Champions: 1st: Caleb Campbell, Evan Palmer, Gavin Bernard (Aplington-Parkersburg)

2nd: Carter Roder, Tyler Hederhoff, Bo Starr (AGWSR)

3rd: Jake Berggren, Heston McIlrath, Laden Faga (Roland-Story)

4th: Manning Pfantz, Jag Below, Keaton Neal (Hubbard-Radcliffe Ele.)

2nd – 4th Grade Girls

Champions: 1st: Kate Berggren, Kennedy Petersen, Claire, Truesdell (Roland-Story)

2nd: Lexi Vaughn, Josie Ramus, Karmyn Lande (Roland-Story)

3rd: Alyssa Kix, Peyton Weig, Alli Sheldahl (Hubbard-Radcliffe Ele.)

4th: Emma Haan, Kinzi Schrage, Megan Bruns (Aplington-Parkersburg)

Consolation Champions: 1st: Eva Corcoran, Alyssa Jones, Paige Curtis (Roland-Story)

2nd: Taya Hollingworth, Ava Couiles, Adeline Cook (ENP Ele.)

5th -6th Grade Boys

Champions: 1st: Jackson Stensland, Alex Rube, Owen Kautman (Gilbert)

2nd: Brady Peters, Will Steege, Adam Schipper (Aplington-Parkersburg)

3rd: Owen Duns, Tjerdan Johnson, Preston Van De Pol (South Hamilton)

4th: Brady Roder, Gabe Nederhoff, Kaden Abbas (AGWSR)

Consolation Champions: 1st: Jake Teske, Ryan Walters, Dallas Jones (South Hardin)

2nd: Jonathan Drake, Lane Luiken, Logan Faris (Hubbard-Radcliffe Ele.)

3rd: Cael Keller, Cayden McLeland, Carter Anderson (BCLUW)

4th: Colin Witt, Drew Banks, Lucas Frohwein (Colo-NESCO)

5th -6th Grade Girls

Champions: 1st: Kylie Winter, Laney Pilcher, Olivia Baldwin (Jesup)

2nd: Zoey Duns, Kate Barkema, Paige Doolittle (South Hamilton)

3rd: Lila Vaughn, Kienzle Hoodger, Sidney Schaffer (AGWSR)

4th: Kylie Sillman, Avery Lafrenz, Mady Mauser (AGWSR)

7th - 8th Grade Boys

Champions: 1st: Adam McIlrath, Zach Twedt, Sam Skaar (Roland-Story)

2nd: Elijah Switzer, Jayden Mackie, Christian Haugstad (Aplington-Parkersburg)

3rd: Garrison Tripp, Jesse Roe (Timothy Christian), Kael Carr (South Hardin)

4th: Colin Hansen, Will Bunn, Mathew Phelan (Roland-Story)

Consolation Champions: 1st: Joseph Tollefson (West Marshall), Ruot Bijiek (Ames), Isaiah Borgos (Urbandale)

2nd: Freddie Lewis, Carter Hewitt, Nolan Martensen (South Hamilton)

3rd: Mason Sheldahl, Wayne Butler, Dante Dalash (South Hardin)

4th: Colton Keller, Tanner McLeland, Noah, Galentine (BCLUW)

9th - 10th & 11 - 12th Grade Boys

Champions: 1st: Blake Brinkmeyer (WDM Valley), Ethan Brinkmeyer, Nate Wilcockson (WDM


2nd: Kade Faga, Ben Chelsvig, Carter Greenfield (Roland-Story)

3rd: Jacob Loew, CJ Deah, Alex Biegger (Madrid)

4th: Brody Roder, Luke Starr, Titan Opperman (AGWSR)

Consolation Champions: 1st: Tanner Beals, Alex Auten, Trace Markle (West Martshall)

2nd: Dalton Lake, Gavin Ridout, Kolby Winter (South Hardin)

3rd: Joseph Janssen, Jensen Clapp, Drake Thran (Grundy Center)

Post High School

Champions 1st: Ben Ferris, Brock Ferris (Hubbard), Adam Weig, (New Providence)

2nd: Jared Kadolph (Kamrar), Taylor Heue (Radcliffe), Ben Daleske (Sioux City)

3rd: Matt Quindel, Ryan Benes, Justin Monaghan (Grimes)

4th: Taylor Roll, Bryce Davis (Radcliffe), Ben Daleske (Sioux City)

Consolation Champions 1st: Nathan Weig, Nick LaVelle, Jared Cook (Hubbard)

2nd: Angie Cook, Tami Weig, Kayleigh Weig (New Providence)