Things got a little messy at Roland-Story Elementary School on Friday, March 24, as the PTO held its second-annual Pie a Teacher event.

Eight employees at the school volunteered to get a pie in the face to raise money for the PTO. The group included first-grade teacher Jenny Thein, fourth-grade teacher Jane Bauman, second-grade teacher Kris Hull, art teacher Amanda Starrett, third-grade teacher Steve DeGroote, first-grade teacher Trisha Sanderson, elementary secretary Diane Braun and Principal Kate Hartzler.

Students who won the chance to pie a teacher were: Sarah Blumer (Mrs. Hull), Landry Thorsen (Mr. DeGroote), Avery Wilson (Mrs. Bauman), Sam Knoll (Mrs. Thein), Chance Georguis (Mrs. Sanderson), Jack Nolte (Ms. Starrett), Evan Byersdorfer (Mrs. Braun) and Ryan Fisher (Mrs. Hartzler).

The first steps for the fund-raiser began at the PTO carnival on Feb. 24, where elementary students could purchase tickets for a chance to pie a teacher of their choice.

Each volunteer had a bucket where students could place their tickets for a chance to win. One ticket was drawn from each bucket, and the winners were announced prior to Pie a Teacher day.

On Friday, all of the students in the school gathered in the gymnasium, and one at a time, winning students were called to the front.

Seated in chairs at the front of the gym, the adult targets were cloaked with plastic to protect their clothes and hair.

The students in the audience cheered on their fellow classmates as they approached their targets and pushed a pie pan of Cool Whip into their faces.

DeGroote tried to make a last-minute escape, but much to the delight of the students, Superintendent Matt Patton caught him by the arm and escorted him back to his chair to face his pie-er.

Dana Oetker, the carnival’s committee chair, said the day had been a success and the PTO plans to continue to make it an annual event. She also said the carnival had gone well this year despite a snow storm that occurred that day.