It’s National Library Week! With spring on everyone’s mind, outdoor activities are often the goal for many, however with April comes some pretty cool showers, ones that can catch us unaware and inviting for colds and flu to set in. So we remind everyone to be sure to have plenty of books, puzzles, movies or other fun indoor activities to do for both young and old for the days in April when the weather isn’t quite ready for us to over-expose.

Keeping that in mind, the library has some great opportunities for our school age children starting this week on April 12 when the K-4th grade students will learn how to create their own stop action movie using the library tablets. Parents are always welcome, but this week we are encouraging them to come with their own smart phone so they can save and view the movie clip their children create.

Another great rainy day activity is to watch and practice magic tricks. Books on this subject are ever popular in our library, but on April 26 we will have a bonafide magician here who will teach our youngsters how to perform magic tricks. There is a limit to the number of students in a class, so pre-registration is required, with a $3 registration fee for materials. Each person participating in the workshop will acquire not only some skills to impress their friends and family, but also a few tools that will help in magic show performances.

The last group of our school age Lego Robotics sessions will start also next week. This is the third group that has gone through all three levels of building and programming Lego devices to do a variety of tasks this year.

Mystery is the name of the game at the library, as the library tweens and teens embark on a murder mystery clue game during their open out today. Mysteries are always popular genres when reading or watching movies or television shows, so this very personalized adventure should keep our sleuths busy searching for clues and discovering new and wonderful things about our library.

We do want to remind everyone that it is not too late to honor the century mark of Dr. Frances Bartlett Kinne, who will be celebrating this monumental event in Jacksonville, Fla. Born and raised in Story City, we have begun a shelf of books that we are purchasing to honor her during the next few months. Her birthday, which is May 23, marks a lifetime of service to our library and the historical society here in Story City, but also continuing the legacy of her mother, Bertha Bartlett, the first officially paid librarian in Story City. And Jacksonville has been equally blessed that she was transplanted there, where she has been a role model for thousands of students, professors, parents, doctors and grandparents.

She has committed her love, her time and her resources to serve so many people in both states. We hope that by honoring her in this way, a joint partnership with the library and historical society, to generate both books and bricks … with donations in any amount, we can honor her for many decades, and encourage others to follow in her path.