Molly Nagel, owner of Upper Story Studio in Story City, will be among those honored at an art awards event this weekend.

The Ames Community Arts Council will host its annual Arts Awards Celebration at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 23, at the Octagon Center for the Arts, 427 Douglas Ave., Ames.

The public is invited to join the Arts Council in honoring those who have supported and encouraged the arts through their extraordinary actions and exemplary service to the Ames community. This event is free and open to everyone.

Refreshments will be served. Music will be provided by an ISU Entrepreneurship class offered by James Boninette, Jamband II. Musicians include Matt Wendland, drums; Jonah Degeest, piano, Dev Thaker, guitar; Elijah Feurhelm, saxophone; and Andrew Vogler, bass.

The following awards will be given:

Art Educator: Molly Nagel, nominated by Mark Widrlechner

Art Educator Award is given to an educator in the greater Ames community who identifies, encourages, instructs and promotes the arts (visual, dance, music, drama and creative writing) in an exemplary manner.

Hazel Hammer Cherished Volunteer: Tara Gartin, nominated by the Story Theater Company

Hazel Hammer Cherished Volunteer: Rae Reilly, nominated by Worldly Goods

The Hazel Hammer Cherished Volunteer Award is given to an individual who responds whole-heartedly to a variety of needs for an Ames art organization. This person does the mundane but important basic support work that allows the organization to function and does that work for the long-term

Bill Pelz Spirit Award: Jim Coppoc, nominated by Ryan Sheeler

The Bill Pelz Arts Advocacy Award is for that person who generates enthusiasm for Ames arts events by taking every opportunity to promote and encourage participation at any and all levels: as an audience member, as a performer or as a behind-the-scenes volunteer.

Distinguished Board Member: Tom Mohr, nominated by the Ames Choral Society

The Distinguished Board Member Award celebrates a board member of an ACAC participating organization who fulfills his/her volunteer commitment with loyalty, inspiration and imagination. The award recognizes the essential role that board members play in the vitality of any organization.

Art in the Workplace: Alluvial Brewing Company, nominated by Jim Brockpahler

The Art in the Workplace Award recognizes a profit, non-profit or governmental organization in Ames that incorporates the arts into the work place in such a way that learning or appreciation by employees, patrons or customers is encouraged. This could include visual or performing arts, a program in the workplace, or support of events outside the workplace.

Local Treasure: Jonathan Sturm, nominated by Roger Berger

The Local Treasure Award is a living, practicing artist or group of artists residing in Ames. These individuals or ensembles should demonstrate the highest quality of achievement in their field or form of artistic expression and should also have demonstrated a broad community impact through what they do.

Lifetime Achievement: Carole Horowitz, nominated by the Ames Children’s Choirs

Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an artist or artists who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the arts in Ames by freely sharing their outstanding talents and making a significant impact in the community.