Roland-Story seventh-graders went to Teen Maze at the Boone County Fairgrounds Community Center on April 4.

Teen Maze is an experimental learning event that delivers powerful information to seventh-grade students in Story, Boone and Greene counties.

While in the maze, young people discover the realities that both positive and negative choices may bring. As choices and consequences compound, teens experience how an entire life can be affected by any decision.

The maze is creative and interactive, while demonstrating the possible consequences of teen choices.

Four specific areas were addressed:

• Health and wellness — nutrition, tobacco, alcohol and drugs, legal consequences.

• Relationships — peer pressure, dating, bullying, consequences of teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections.

• Mental health — signs of depression, anxiety, body image, and suicidal thoughts and what to do.

• Life skills — youth employment, financial literacy and social media.

Teen Maze was developed through collaboration with Division 11 Kiwanis clubs in Story, Boone and Greene counties, and YSS. Iowa State University Extension, area medical centers and clinics, ACCESS, MICA, local mental health providers, law enforcement agencies, and area financial institutions also contribute professional expertise to the maze.

In addition to affirming principles learned in the classroom, these partners also link youth to their respective communities and help to identify volunteer opportunities and local resources that are available to youth and their families.