The McDonald’s restaurant in Story City started a substantial remodeling project on Tuesday. With significant changes being made to both the exterior and the interior, the project is expected to take about 90 days.

“Folks who come in here every day may experience some inconvenience,” said owner Jim Baker. “But the changes are going to improve the flow and will be a real improvement to our business.”

The restaurant will remain open during the construction process, he said.

“It will be kind of like a church social in here during some of the remodeling, with regular tables and chairs set up in the dining room,” Baker said.

The style of the interior will be “simply modern,” according to design plans. The exterior will also get an update, including a two-lane drive-thru, which will make the ordering process go much faster, Baker said.

Jim and Karen Baker have owned the Story City McDonald’s location since 2011. They own all of the McDonald’s locations in Story County (Story City, Nevada and two in Ames), as well as those in Boone and Carroll.

Jim Baker said the Story City location will be adding kiosks in the ordering area, where customers can place their orders themselves using a touchscreen.

“We will still have our great customer service, and people can place their orders at the counter, but for people who are really accustomed to using touchscreens, the kiosks will offer a nice change,” Baker said. “Customers will be able to customize their orders on screen, so if you don’t want onions, you’ll be able to see that those onions are coming off when thyey place their order.”

A future service Baker expects to offer is a smart phone app that will allow a customer to place an order on their device, and when the restaurant detects the device is close by, it will start the order. “Then the customer can come in and get their order at the counter, or they will be able to park in the lot, indicate which space they’re in, and someone will bring the order to their car,” he said.