A Roland man who is accused of stealing almost $19,000 dollars from a Nevada business between August 2016 and February 2017, is set to plead guilty July 10, according to online court records.

Matthew Joseph Krueger, 30, was originally charged with first-degree theft, after authorities say he usied a credit card owned by Almaco for personal use.

According to Story County Attorney Jessica Reynolds, Krueger is set to plead guilty to unauthorized use of a credit card, a class D felony.

According to court documents, Krueger used the card 314 times to make $18,873.85 worth of purchases, such as meals, clothing, and vehicle parts for his personal vehicle. Documents show Krueger used his information technology position with Almaco to deactivate software owned by the company to catch unauthorized purchases for the credit card he was responsible for.

Krueger was terminated from his position, and documents show that following his termination, he sent an email to the company and admitted that his actions were, “impulsive, greedy decisions.”

According to Reynolds, the state and defense are jointly recommending a deferred judgment, three-year probation, $750 civil penalty, payment of court costs, attorney fees and victim restitution.