Dear Story City Residents,

The Story City Carousel needs your help. The last few years the Carousel has seen a drastic decline in volunteers and not for our lack of trying to get help. Jay my assistant spends hours a day making phone calls and emailing potential volunteers. Without volunteers the Carousel can't be open seven days a week. I know that this would be a great loss for the community as the carousel is what Story City is known for, it is our town treasure.

That brings me to what I need from all of you; names, phone numbers, contact information for people who could or would help by being a volunteer. Even if they haven't volunteered before or for a long time we need them! We also need help promoting volunteering at the carousel; letting people know it is easy, it is fun, and the entire family can get involved.

Finally, there are amazing Story City residents reading this letter. If everyone reading could help by volunteering we could continue the tradition and fun of our carousel legacy. Here is how you sign-up or call the office at 515-733-4214 or email

Please, let's rally around this carousel like this town did 35 years ago and keep the tradition alive.

Thank you,

Abby Huff

Executive Director

Story City Greater Chamber Connection