Policy development at the Iowa Corn Growers Association is a grassroots process. Each year Iowa Corn hosts roundtable meetings in local communities across the state to gather input and feedback from growers.

One of the meetings will be held Thursday, July 6, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at Radcliffe’s Town Hall, 310 Isabella St., Radcliffe.

The meetings allow ICGA members to come together, share a meal and discuss key issues impacting corn farmers. Policies brought forward and approved at roundtable meetings go on to the Annual ICGA Grassroots Summit on Aug. 26 for the ICGA delegates to debate. This process enables the organization to take-action in lobbying for and supporting sound policy development and pro-farmer legislation.

Roundtables are free for ICGA members, but registration is encouraged. Meals (lunch or dinner) will be included at each session. If you can’t attend a roundtable but wish to bring forth a policy resolution for consideration, please contact your local ICGA Board member. Go to iowacorn.org/roundtables for more information.