On Wednesday, June 21, the STEM Youth Advisory Board of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council presented results of their recent survey at the STEM Council’s meeting in Des Moines. The Youth Advisory Board seeks to learn more about student perceptions regarding STEM and promote programs available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Taryn Perry, a senior at Roland-Story High School, is one of 15 members from across the state selected to serve on the Youth Advisory Board and attended on June 21.

In order to gain information regarding STEM experiences and opinions among students in middle school, high school and college, the Youth Advisory Board created a statewide-distributed survey. After collecting and analyzing data from nearly 300 respondents, some of the Youth Advisory Board presented statistics and proposed both short and long-term recommendations based on their findings. According to the survey results, many respondents indicated that they believe STEM is only for “smart, talented, overachievers.”

The Youth Advisory Board plans to change this perception by launching a “STEM 4 Everyone” campaign, encouraging more students to consider science, technology, engineering and mathematics as options for their future career pathways.