Story County’s C2C Plan was officially adopted a year ago, and now officials are checking back in with the public.

“The Cornerstone to Capstone (C2C) Plan looks forward to 2036. Story County has built a solid foundation — the Cornerstone — with planning dating back to the 1950s. The blueprint — the Capstone — determines how we grow and develop over the coming 20 years. Adopted by the Story County Board of Supervisors in June 2016, the C2C Plan is a coordinated long range plan that is intended to be physical and policy-based,” according to the C2C survey website.

The C2C Plan guides Story County with a clear vision and goals, identify quality of life aspects, and incorporate the following areas: Housing; Economic Development; Transportation; Service, Community Facilities, and Infrastructure; Environment and Natural Resources; Land Use (Existing and Future); Fringe Area Planning; and Intergovernmental Cooperation.

The county has kicked off its first annual review, including wanting to hear from residents. The county has released the same survey it used in 2015 to see what trends remain the same and identify what has changed. Those 2015 results shaped the C2C Plan’s vision and goals.

If you took the survey in 2015, Story County thanks you. The first question gives those of you who did take the initial survey the opportunity to say if you still agree with how you responded in 2015 and be done with the survey. If you feel things have changed since 2015, please continue with the survey. For those taking the survey for the first time, the county appreciates your time and looks forward to your input.

The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. If you have any questions about this survey, contact Leanne Harter, Story County’s outreach and special projects manager, at 515-382-7247 or by email at

You can view the survey online at