Spot brush spraying is beginning and will continue through mid-September in the northern tier of Story County.

Joe Kooiker, roadside biologist with Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management, said that Brush and Weed Control Specialists have contracted with Story County to spot treat small trees and brush under 10 feet on the roadsides in Howard, Lincoln, Sherman and Warren townships.

“Certified applicators will be operating vehicles with sprayers in the right of way (ROW). Herbicides applied are specifically registered for the use in ROW,” Kooiker said.

Kooiker said there are some exceptions during this process. Spraying will exclude brush that is taller than 10 feet or trees that cannot be effectively treated without causing damage outside ROW, such as trees in fence lines or adjacent to farmsteads or other sensitive areas (organic or special crop).

Spraying should conclude by Sept. 17. For more information about this project, contact IRVM roadside biologist Joe Kooiker at 515-382-7367 or email