Story City has been making significant improvements to its streets this summer, and more work is slated for the future. There has also been a major storm and sanitary sewer system project.

It’s been 100 years since Story City began its first paving projects. Kate Feil, the director of the Story City Historical Society, has written an interesting article this week regarding those endeavors.

Following is a recent overview from the city regarding current and upcoming projects.

Broad Street Reconstruction Project

The Broad Street Reconstruction Project includes the reconstruction of Broad Street from Grand Avenue to approximately 360 feet east of Hillcrest Avenue and from Garfield Avenue to the railroad tracks.

Progress continues on the project with a few minor delays encountered during the installation of the new water main from Grand to Hillcrest. However, Phase 1 of the project (Grand to past Hillcrest) appears to be on schedule.

The contractor has completed the water main installation from Grand to Hillcrest. The storm sewer along the east side of the swimming pool and along the south side of Story Street has been completed. The anticipated upcoming work includes making the water main connection to the existing system on the south side of Grand and transfer water services to the new main between Hillcrest and Grand.

Additional work planned is the installation of storm sewer between Hillcrest and Grand as well as removing the remaining pavement.

Storm and Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project

The Storm and Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project includes the replacement of storm and sanitary sewer mains in the alley south of Broad Street from Grand Avenue to Elm Avenue. The contractor is wrapping up the installation of the mains.

The contractor’s schedule includes rocking the alley and paving the street intersections within the next week or so.

Holm Avenue Extension Project

The Holm Avenue Extension Project includes the extension of Holm Avenue by approximately 965 feet. The first 325 feet is to provide improved access to American Packaging Corporation’s recent expansion and the remaining 640 feet is to provide improved access to 16 acres of city owned land north of the soccer fields for future eligible business development.

This project is nearing completion with paving of the new roadway being completed and the contractor is working on backfilling.

The contractor has been installing storm sewer intake tops and completing the box-out paving. The contractor will also be working on installing the sub-drain clean outs.

Street Maintenance

The Street Department, over the next several weeks, will be starting its annual road maintenance work. The following street are scheduled to be seal coated this year: Oak from Pennsylvania to Lafayette; Johnson Circle; Lafayette from Oak to Roosevelt; Lafayette from Broad to Story; Hillcrest from Eighth to Maple; Marvick; Washington from the railroad crossing to Marvick; and Linn from Eisenhower to Grand.