Daulet Batayev, 16, from Kazakhstan and Mohamed Yokie, 15, from Sierra Leone will be calling Story City their home in a couple of weeks.

Both students will arrive and stay temporarily with Charlie and Jeanne Tanskley, of Story City.

Both boys are United States Department of State recipients and were among the less than 3 percent who received the scholarship of the thousands who applied. Neither boy has been to America before nor experienced travel.

The boys will be coming through the CIEE (Council for International Educational Exchange) program. CIEE is a non-profit high school exchange program that began in 1947 and is headquartered in Portland, Maine.

Mohamed and Daulet are excited about experiencing an American high school and trying American food. They are equally anxious about learning American culture.

Daulet would like to invite everyone to Kazakhstan to visit and Mohamed really wants to make friends while in Iowa. Daulet likes computers, swimming, soccer, watching movies and biking. Mohamed likes soccer, volleyball, playing video games and discussing ideas. Both boys will add a lot toward diversity in the high school.