The Roland-Story school board accepted a bid Monday from Ball Team Construction to renovate the elementary school building for $5,101,400.

Last February, as part of a public bond vote, the Roland-Story communities voted in favor of an addition and renovation project at the elementary school. The $9 million bond issue involved several projects for the school district, and the elementary project was the largest portion of the budget for the bond funds.

Now that the bid has been accepted, the work will begin soon and is expected to be complete in August of 2018.

“We’ve had a really great result with the bids,” said Nathan Compton from Haila Architecture. “The low bidder was Ball Team, which is a company out of Urbandale — a real good, reputable company. A few people in our office have worked with them before and really like them. They’ve got a long-standing history and I think they’re going to do a great job on the project.”

The estimated cost for the project was $5,190,900, so the project came in under budget. Eight contractors bid on the work, ranging to $5,573,933.

“Our plan is to do the addition on the east side first and try to get that enclosed before the snow flies so the contractor can work inside,” said Superintendent Matt Patton. “Then come back and work on the west side with the renovation … primarily next summer.”

The addition on the east side involves the construction of two classrooms for music and art. Some key features of the work include expanding the area near the entry, gutting and renovating the administrative offices, and moving the media center to the south of that area. Parking lots will be expanded and redesigned. All classrooms, offices and hallways will have new lighting and new ceilings.

The elementary project includes geothermal. A field of 33 wells in 11 rows, with pipes stacked in each well, will be installed near the football field.

“KCL Engineering was our engineer on the project for mechanical and electrical,” said Compton, “and they felt going into this that geothermal was a real possibility and the best choice for the schedule that we have.”

Geothermal was one of four alternates that were included in the bidding process, so they could be removed easily if the project came in over budget. But since the project came in under budget, all four alternates will be included in the project.

The other alternates include signage on the gym, which will be a screen wall on the precast concrete of the gym. It will feature a large “Norsemen” sign, which will light up and will be underscored by the Character Counts qualities.

Other alternates are additional parking in the south portion of the lot and using concrete instead of asphalt for the paving.

“The fact that this project came in under budget helps our bottom line significantly and keeps our overall $9 million worth of projects on budget, as well,” Patton said.