It’s arguably the most popular “destination shopping” experience in the Ames area, a concept of planning a roadtrip that makes shopping an adventurous experience rather than a casual act.

The Central Iowa Junk Jaunt’s eighth-annual fall event will be Sept. 15-17, with hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Including its spring sales, this is the 17th vintage shopping roadtrip organized by Central Iowa Junk Jaunt, which is headquartered at JB Knacker in Gilbert. The experience takes shoppers to the central Iowa towns of Jewell, Story City and Gilbert as well as the countryside in between.

There are 20 stops on the Junk Jaunt map this time around, including barns, sheds, a fruit market, a chicken coop, family farms, flea markets and brick-and-mortar vintage shops.

The Tin Chandelier in Story City is one of the popular stops on the twice-yearly Junk Jaunts, which bring throngs of shoppers into the store.

“We have so many people in here on those days, we can’t see the front door from the cash register,” said Connie Phillips, one of the owners of the store.

“We have about 1,000 shoppers for the Junk Jaunt weekends,” said Laura Stalzer, also an owner of the Tin Chandelier.

The Junk Jaunt will coincide with Story City’s “Story Festival and More” event, which will feature several storytelling events. The festival will offer ticketed events that include the musical comedy, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” and storytelling events that feature Eric Hanson, Darrin Crow and Tom Milligan.

There will also be historic reenactors who will perform along Broad Street on Saturday, sharing stories about former Story City business people.

Vendors involved in the Junk Jaunt include:

Ames: Dakota Junction, 2222 North Dakota Ave.; Gin + Tonic, 3972 North Dakota Ave.; Funky Roost, 5760 Highway 69.

Gilbert: JB Knacker, 123 Main St.

Story City: Broad Street Market, 515 Broad St.; The Tin Chandelier, 526 Broad St.; Penn Station Antiques, 503 Pennsylvania Ave.; Broad Street at Slim’s, 11563 Highway 69; Urban Heirlooms at Slim’s, 11563 Highway 69.

Roland: Rust Around the Edges & Cr8tv Qn, 61055 130th St.

Jewell: D & D Antiques, 3510 Nelson Ave.; Industrial Lace, corner of Main Street and Edwards; Gravy Home Goods, 630 Main St.; DK Soap and Design Studio, 627 Main St.

Stratford countryside: Touch of Rustic, 1541 390th St.

Boone countryside: Red Granite Farm, 2013 130th St.; Bittersweet & Berries, 2055 140th St.; As The Crow Flies, 868 T Ave.; Red Barn Rustics, 2035 205th St.

Cambridge countryside: Thumbprint Cottage, 60159 290th St.