Mary and Doug Mechaelsen, of Story City, won a drawing for tickets to tomorrow’s Iowa State football game. The tickets include sideline passes and passes to get in the locker room. But the contest has a more important purpose than providing a fun night at the stadium.

The ticket drawing was part of a fund-raiser to find a cure for cystic fibrosis — a mission inspired by a cute 4-year-old girl.

Charlotte “Charlie” Hugunin battles daily to breathe as she fights cystic fibrosis. She is the daughter of Tim and Jenny Hugunin of Norwalk. Tim is a graduate of Nevada High School.

“As long as we are going to raise money for research, we are going to have a good time doing it,” said Lynn Marr-Moore, Charlie’s grandmother and Charlie’s Angels team leader. “Charlie is my everyday loving reminder of what I am supposed to be doing with my life. We are getting closer everyday to a cure and when we have that, we will be planning a really big celebration.”

CF is a life threatening genetic lung and digestive disease that causes heavy mucus in her lungs, pancreas and other organs. Charlie does hours of airway clearance treatments, nebulizer treatments, vitamins and enzymes for every meal. About 30,000 people are now living with CF.

“All our team activities — annual bike ride, annual gala at Hotel Pattee in Perry, can drives, luncheons with ISU head football coach Matt Campbell and most recently a donation of sideline tickets to the Texas-ISU football game on Sept. 28 from Coach Campbell — help raise the money needed to fund research,” said Marr-Moore. “Coach Campbell is one of Charlie’s Angels and is very involved with helping to raise funds for a cure.”

Charlie’s Angels fundraising team have been recognized by the Iowa Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for being a top fundraising group in Iowa. This year the group has raised over $30,000 to be used toward research. There are three Care Clinics in Iowa for CF patients: the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines and Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames.