The Roland-Story Community School District showed its concern and caring for the devastation caused by the Hurricane Harvey. From Sept. 5-8, students had a drive to raise money to donate to the American Red Cross. Students and staff were encouraged to contribute pennies, nickels, quarters and dollars, which was collected in a Funds For Floods Bucket. The bucket was available to students during the lunch hours.

The students raised $1231.49 to donate to the American Red Cross on Sept. 20.

“We are so impressed that Roland-Story students took on the task of fundraising to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. The fact that they worked to raise money literally coin by coin to help people in need hundreds of miles away proves philanthropy has no age limit. This is money that will go directly to helping Texans during a recovery process that will continue for several months,” said Mark Tauscheck, regional communications officer for the Iowa region of the Red Cross.

At the high school, a note was sent out to high school students and also put in the daily announcements. At the high school, Madison Ebrecht, a senior who is a special needs student, sat at the lunch table for five days and students would drop money in a bucket. Ebrecht also walked around the lunch room and talked to the other students about the purpose of the container. At the end of each day she and Mrs. Schmitz would count the money.

Ebrecht was proud to give the check to the Red Cross. “She should be proud because she was a big help in raising this money for the needs of our fellow Americans,” said high school counselor Terri Heisterkamp.

“It was nice to get to help others and for them to know we care,” said Ebrecht.

At the middle school, the Flood of Funds campaign was completed by communicating with parents, staff and students via announcements, a slip of paper home and posts on the Roland-Story Middle School Counselor Facebook page. Students and staff deposited their funds in a “Flood of Funds” container that was kept in the office. Mr. Olesen chose Wrigley Propp to be the student who represented RSMS for the Flood of Funds effort.

At the elementary, notes was sent home the previous week to parents sharing how the school would do a daily collection for the Red Cross to assist with Hurricane Harvey. It was sent on purple paper for good citizenship. The Character Council from last year, who are now fourth graders, made a schedule of helpers who went around to each classroom at 8:20 in the morning and collected the money. It was counted each day by the treasurer from last year, Max Town, and another representative, Trevor Brittan.

“It was fun collecting the money for the Red Cross. It felt good handing the check into them. It was great that students handed in money for the Red Cross so that they could help people from Hurricane Harvey. It was fun counting the money for Hurricane Harvey. It was great that a lot of kids donated money,” said Town.