Story County Conservation is offering a controlled goose hunt to reduce the numbers and amount of time that geese use the lake as a fall and winter refuge. Large goose populations contribute to the bacterial level of the lake.

Hickory Grove Park is open for goose hunting only Oct. 21 through Jan. 15. Hunting will be confined to the main lake and its shores except for the beach and campground waterfronts. Hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to 10 a.m. through Oct. 31; then one-half hour before sunrise to sunset thereafter. All state and federal hunting laws apply. Hunters may use portable blinds, but gas boat motors are not allowed.

Hunting dates may be closed or modified by Story County Conservation. Hunters must report the number of geese harvested within 24 hours. Please contact the Hickory Grove Park shop at 515-598-2744 or email Park Ranger Luke Feilmeier at