Students at Roland-Story have been working to make their schoolhouse scary, and they invite the public to visit their Haunted High School on Saturday, Oct. 28.

The event will begin with a trick or treat time for kids 10 and under from 6 to 7 p.m.; free-will donations will be accepted. From 8 to 10 p.m., the Haunted High School will be open, with an admission cost of $5.

“Last year we had the little kids go through the Haunted High School route with all the lights on and trick or treat with the actors,” said Hailey Louw, president of the National Honor Society, which heads the event.

That was still a little too scary for some of the smaller children because the actors were costumed so well, said Principal Steve Schlatter. And, Louw added, with the lights on, the wires and other construction materials were visible in the route.

“So, this year, we set up the lunch room where kids can have fun trick or treating,” Louw said. “And there will also be games for them to play and crafts they can do.”

Louw recommended that trick or treaters be 10 years old or under. Recently, some of the high school students organizing the event visited the elementary school to invite those students.

“They seemed really excited about it — both the teachers and the kids seemed excited,” Louw said. “I think the elementary students thought it would be cool to come and hang out with high school students.”

When the scary portion of the evening starts, Louw recommends that no children under 10 go through the Haunted High School.

“We have a route that we take through the high school,” Louw said. “There are six or seven rooms that have been decorated and the cast will be in costume. All of the rooms are scary, and the route follows a loose storyline.”

The students in each room had the opportunity to create the set in their area. “It was a chance for them to express themselves,” Louw said. “Students take on those rooms and really do a great job with them.”

The Haunted High School involves more than 50 students, mostly from the NHS chapter, but some from outside the chapter as well. Students bring a variety of talents, like acting, graphic design and makeup art.

“Vice President Britton Avery and the room leaders have been really key for the Haunted High School,” Louw said. “Everyone takes a lot of pride in their room.”

Proceeds from the event will be donated to Bliss Cancer Center and to Judge Story Theatrical Troupe.

“Last year, we donated to Bliss and we’re doing that again this year,” Louw said. “One of our secretaries and our art teacher were both treated for cancer there, so that center is really important to us. And Judge Story Theatrical Troupe has been so supportive of us, we’re really happy to donate to them too.”

“This event is completely student-run,” Schlatter said. “Our students do a great job of organizing and running this Haunted High School. And then they clean it all up so that on Monday, you can’t tell anything went on here. It’s really impressive how much time and energy they put into it.”