Halvorson Trane has awarded Roland-Story High School a $500 grant, which is part of an initiative to help fund energy education projects for Iowa schools.

“Roland-Story High School in Story City was one of the recipients this year based off their exciting grant proposal submitted by high school physics teacher Jeffrey Boman,” said Megan Minnick from Halvorson Trane.

Boman reported in the grant proposal that one distraction to student learning is the inconsistent temperatures in his classroom, due to the southern exposed windows.

“By noon, it feels like a sauna in my classroom,” Boman wrote.

To help alleviate this issue, Bowman will use the grant to purchase window films to reduce the radiation coming in from the southern windows, and conduct student-led laboratory experiments and implementation.

As part of this project, students will study the index of refraction, reflection and absorption between film and glass. The overall goal will be to see if long term savings provide enough economic incentive to coat all the windows.

Halvorson Trane, a commercial HVAC and energy services company, located in Des Moines, received numerous applications from Iowa schools. The five schools selected for grants were Roland-Story High School, United Community School (Boone), Mount Vernon Middle School (Mt. Vernon), McKinley Middle School (Cedar Rapids) and Belmond-Klemme Elementary (Belmond).

According to grant manager Megan Minnick, project proposals ranged from installing hallway and classroom light timers, to building educational community gardens.

“One of our main goals at Halvorson Trane is to conserve natural resources, and create safe, efficient and comfortable building environments for our customers,” said Greg Grandgeorge, Halvorson Trane president. “For nearly 30 years, we’ve worked with and helped several Iowa schools improve their building environments, while saving school districts money. We are happy to contribute to energy education projects to help students understand the importance of conserving energy, and how they can be a part of the energy solution.”