People of all faiths and no faith are invited to attend an Interfaith Potluck Dinner on Sunday, Sept. 30, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at St. Petri Lutheran Church, 804 Grand Ave., in Story City.

The potluck planning coordinators are Pastor Scott Johnson and Megan Gustafson of St. Petri, Nora Ryan of Story City, and Imam Mahjoob Jaily of Darul Arqum Islamic Center in Ames.

“We hope this dinner provides people a chance to learn more about each other and ourselves. Any time we sit down and break bread together, we establish peace between ourselves. Instead of sitting in our preferred political, social and religious silos, I think God calls us to venture out into the world and engage people who see things differently than we do, listening with grace and kindness, to find the ways we are more alike than we knew before,” said Pastor Scott Johnson at St. Petri.

He offered a few guidelines and suggestions to welcome one another into this space.

Due to dietary restrictions, please do not bring dishes with pork. Chicken and fish are preferred; beef is also permissible. Vegetable, rice and bean dishes are all fine, as are breads and potatoes.

Tables will be marked “Men Only,” “Women Only” and “Mixed.” Some of the Islamic Center members may choose to separate genders at tables and others may mix.

The Sundown Prayer will be the ritual prayer for the end of the day for potluck guests. Those who do not practice Islam are welcome to observe during this time of prayer, which will last approximately 10 minutes.

Organizers will encourage conversation between attendees and will ask for participants to try to ensure there are a mix of participants at each table.

Volunteers are needed for setup and cleanup. If you’d like to volunteer for either or both, please contact Pastor Scott.

“This is an event for learning and understanding. We seek to know each other better, not to proselytize or correct one another,” Johnson said. “Come with an open mind, a gracious heart and an empty stomach — all will be filled!”

Please RSVP to Pastor Scott Johnson with number attending in your party and what dish you intend to bring. Email is, phone is 515-733-4623.