—by Todd Thorson

The annual GCC Halloween Party was held Saturday night, Oct. 19 at Carousel Lanes. And from the response and photos that have been revealed and posted the last week and a half, and the talk on the street, plenty of fun was had by all. The event has indeed become quite the tradition the last few years, and has evolved into a successful chamber fund raiser in the process. Originally started by John and Karen Gookin as their own, personal Halloween party, the event has evolved into something the entire community can become involved in and have fun with. It is a time for the grown ups to expose their "inner childhood" by donning innovative and creative, not to mention clever and elaborate, costumes, and to "let their hair down", sort of speak, even if it is just once a year!

The annual event began at 7 p.m., with most of the festivities and "antics", including karaoke, beginning around 9 p.m. Admission was only $5.00, plus a paper or toiletry product. The collected products were then donated to the local Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry. Food and drinks were also available. And costumes were encouraged, but not required. Although if you showed up out of costume you would have been in the minority.

Cash prizes were awarded for various costume categories, including best overall costume, best group costume, best scary/creepy costume, funniest costume and overall best karaoke singer.

The Best overall costumes went to Robyn Anderson and Scott Vance as Yoko Ono and John Lennon. The Best Group was the cast of Duck Dynasty, including Dan and Kim Birchmeier, Jim and Sherri Keigan and Angie and Lance Keltner. The Best Creepy or Scary costume award went to Casey Kahl and Laura Pepin. The Funniest Costume award went to Chris and Brenda Nelson and Sonya Ubben was crowned the best overall karaoke singer at the event.

For one who has missed this event year after year due to other commitments and responsibilities, and the fact I have become a "fun hater" as far as dressing up for Halloween is concerned, it has become quite apparent that I’m definitely missing out. Maybe one of these years I’ll let my own "inner childhood" out once again and get just a little bit crazy with the rest of Story City!