Dear Story City Herald Editor,

Today (April 28), on my way to take my dog to the vet on Garfield Avenue, I was nearly hit by yet another person who ran the stop sign on that corner. I say “yet another” because this has been an ongoing issue since the yield signs were replaced with the stop signs many months ago. I can say without hesitation or exaggeration that at least once per month (if not more often) I have nearly been hit by a careless driver refusing to stop at those many signs. The most prevalent offenders — not teenagers, but middle-aged adults who ought to know better.

The stop signs have been there long enough now that their presence should no longer be a surprise. They were changed from the previous yield signs for a reason. I know this is an otherwise safe community, but it will not continue to be so if its residents repeatedly ride the slippery slope by refusing to obey even the most basic of traffic laws. These people have got to stop … literally.

Miranda Mathis

Story City