Dear Editor:

Why I support United Way —

Story County has always been very fortunate to have so many amazing opportunities for those who need it. The community services vary from food, clothing and housing assistance, mental health, disability and children’s services to so much more. United Way has provided a strong foundation for such programs to be sustainable which allows us to extend our services to as many people as possible.

I support United Way because of the good they can do and the stretch they can reach that I wouldn’t think would otherwise be possible. United Way has provided supports to programs such as NAMI of Central Iowa for many years. NAMI of CI relies on our community partners such as United Way to promote and support our mission, vision and values. Because United Way is such an essential part of the community, by being partnered with such a group, more exposure and awareness of such services will be offered to the greater community.

I am thankful a group such as United Way is so committed to the community and that we can rely on such a strong, responsible and dedicated partner to help serve Story County.

Amber Vaughn-Schaefer

NAMI of Central Iowa Board Member