We have been reading the excellent editorials in the Story City Herald explaining the many reasons for supporting the vote to relocate the athletic complex and update the auditorium. We support every reason as stated.

However, the main reason to support this project is what that vote is telling our students. It is letting them know how important they are to us and the future of our community and country. There is not the slightest doubt in our minds that Roland-Story students are outstanding young people. Their behavior and values reflect their home, school, church and community. They not only deserve our respect and love, but also our support in every area of their lives.

These students will leave a legacy for future generations to follow. As parents, grandparents and residents of the Roland-Story school district, can we do anything less than support this bond issue?

We spent over 40 years educating young people across Iowa. Please take a second look at our quality and beautiful young people in our schools. Nothing is more important than the values and examples we set for our students when planning for coming generations. Too often we get too concerned about the little things rather than what is truly important.

“Please go and do the right thing.”

David and Donna Teigland

Story City (summer), Mesa, Ariz. (winter)