Nineteen students from the Story City “Life Protection Academy” recently attended the 2017 International United Ryukyu Kempo (URKA) Summer Seminar in Oak Grove, Mo.

Skyler Blagg, Riker Warwick, Colton Fink, Madison Brustkern and Caleb Danielson received their Jr. Black Belt rank.

Nolan Rhoad tested for and received his Jr. Second degree black belt.

Jake Rozevink and Megan Danielson received their adult second degree black belts, and head instructor Anthony Rhoad was awarded his 6th degree black belt.

The URKA is a organization rooted in teaching character development through the study of life protection. The dates of the seminar was June 9-11, test candidates have a three day grading process in order to pass their tests.

Life Protection Academy is located at 56449 130th St. in Story City.