A record number of kids turned out for the Roland-Story Norsemen Baseball Camp held on Saturday morning, March 8 at the high school. A total of 88 first through seventh graders attended to show off their baseball skills, 32 more than last year. The camp allows young players to be able to learn the fundamentals of baseball, and includes throwing, fielding, pitching, catching and hitting. All of the attendees had the opportunity to experience each of these areas during the camp.

"This baseball camp is not only great for the younger kids in the community, but for our players as well," said high school baseball coach Chris Hill. "It is a great chance for our high school players to be involved with these younger players, who will (also) be Norsemen high school baseball players in a few years."

The Norsemen Baseball Camp is the Roland-Story baseball program’s primary source of extra income. All profits go towards added improvements to the field and to the program. The 2013 camp helped pay for new baseball screens. The instructors for the camp were the Roland-Story high school coaching staff, various players and volunteers.

"Anyone who had the opportunity to see what was taking place at camp was able to witness firsthand what a baseball program is," continued Hill. "It goes above and beyond any one year, or any one team. It takes an entire community and at the camp that was on display. We have involved parents, kids, players and coaches in grades 1-12, and it takes everyone being involved to be successful. Thank you to everyone who took part in the baseball camp and made it an exciting day."