The Bethany Life Foundation of Story City has launched a new Caregivers Care campaign program. Betsy Warburton, President & CEO of Bethany Life, commented, “Our caregiver staff are the backbone and the heart and soul of our organization. We work hard to support them and give them the tools to get their job done; but also to recognize them for their compassion and commitment to those they serve.”

The Bethany Life Foundation’s goal is to raise $50,000 by the end of 2016 for their Employee Appreciation Fund. These funds pay for employee parties and celebrations, Christmas presents, employee and family support programs and discounted meals.

Larry Elphic, Chief Development Officer for Bethany Life stated, “We would like to expand our opportunities in supporting our caregivers. We understand that many of our caregivers do not have a lot of resources. We want to be able to reach out to them when times are tough, financially and otherwise. This will help reduce staff turnover and to improve quality of care for our residents and tenants.”

For more information on the Caregivers Care program please contact Lynne Melssen at 515-733-3040.