LifeChoices at Bethany is the first and only Continuing Care at Home program for seniors in Iowa. A part of Bethany Life since January 2013, the membership program works to keep older adults at home as long as possible, as opposed to receiving care in a facility. A large majority of seniors today do not want to move to a congregate living environment.

With almost 60 members, the program has grown at a rate that has surpassed expectations.

Betsy Warburton, CEO of Bethany Life, said, “LifeChoices at Bethany is a real opportunity for older adults to focus on wellness and to have the support system in place to stay independent. Additionally, the program offers a new financing model that protects members from the costs of long-term care services. We are proud to offer this opportunity.”

Membership benefits include wellness and environmental services, homemaker services, a personal advocate, and clinical services as needed. LifeChoices at Bethany will also pay for any nursing home care that a member may need at 100 percent from day one. The goal is to keep members at home as long as possible, while protecting assets if long-term care is eventually needed.

LifeChoices at Bethany members pay a membership fee and monthly dues.

“Membership with LifeChoices at Bethany is a significant investment,” said Larry Elphic, executive director. “Our members have carefully weighed the costs and benefits of the program and are very happy to be a part of a remarkable group of people who are committed to planning for their future needs and staying well and active as they age. We encourage older adults to explore LifeChoices at Bethany while they are healthy and independent, as there are membership eligibility requirements to the program. We are proud of our accomplishments since early 2013 and plan to serve older adults for many years to come.”

To learn more about LifeChoices at Bethany, visit or call Larry Elphic at 515-509-3299.