The Burlington School Board is set to hold a public hearing at its regular meeting Monday regarding the high school's chiller replacement ahead of awarding the bid to one of four bidders. 

The project budget is $750,000, but Hometown Plumbing and Heating came in as the lowest bidder with bid of $606,000, which was about $3,000 less than the bid put in by Winger Companies. The board will decide whether to approve the lowest bid after the hearing. The project will be payed for using Physical Plant and Equipment Levy and sales tax dollars. 

Building and Trades

The board is set to accept a $15,000 investment check from Great Western Bank employees to support the high school's Building and Trades program. The city council members last Monday agreed to gift the abandoned property at 1309 S. 10th St. to the district for juniors in the program to use for educational purposes as they repair and renovate the house and garage. Once complete, a single-parent, low-income family will be chosen to live in the home temporarily. 

Superintendent Pat Coen is searching for opportunities for seniors to build a new home, which likely would be sold upon completion. The goal had been for this year's seniors to do so by working alongside construction crews at Deer Point Estates, a 34-lot family neighborhood development project with homes ranging in value from $180,000 to $275,000. A portion of those profits would have gone to the district.

It would have been built near Southeast Iowa Regional Airport. Ryan Nagrocki of Midwest Realty Group, the man behind Deer Point Estates, however, decided not to pursue the project, however, saying it would have cost 25 percent more than what had been estimated. Instead, he is pursuing another development project called Westpoint Estates, this time in West Burlington instead, so Coen is looking for other opportunities for students to build.

"As much as I'd like to help them, I'd like to focus my resources on Burlington," Coen said, later adding, "It's sad (the school district's) ability to strengthen Burlington has been diminished... in this instance."

Nagrocki said he plans to move ahead with Deer Point Estates in Burlington, though it won't be for another year or two. Rather than single-family homes, the development also would include duplexes and triplexes. 

Other items

Curriculum Director Sharon Dentlinger will present a draft of student assessment methods required by the state as well as ones needed to make decisions regarding instruction. There will be no action regarding this item.

The board also is set to approve a revision of the Special Education Delivery Plan, which will be presented by Director of Special Services Brenda Mitchell. Revision of the plan is required every 5 years.