Retired State Department employee Mike Gilmore spoke to Jill Nerem’s third-grade class at Roland-Story Elementary School in late October.

He spoke to the class about Thailand, where he lived for seven years while he worked for the U.S. government. Gilmore, who is now retired and lives in Florida, talked to the kids about the customs and way of life in Thailand.

“Ms. Nerem had her class write individual letters to me, thanking me for my presentation,” Gilmore said.

He and members of his American Legion Post posed with the letters and shared the photo with the Herald.

“During my summer visit to Story City, I visited a retired Vets fenced yard at the end of Prairie Drive,” he said. “I attempted to feed the cow and he bit off a little bit more than I anticipated. Thus the shirt — a Story City souvenir.” (see photo)

Gilmore grew up in Council Bluffs and is a Vietnam veteran. His cousins, Judy Miller and Cyrus Wilson, are residents of the Roland-Story community.