With more snow forecast for later this week, some reminders about Story City’s snow ordinance and parking laws may be helpful.

There is no parking in the Main Street District between the hours of 2:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. This includes Broad Street from Elm to Park, and Pennsylvania Avenue from Washington to Story. Cars left on the street will be ticketed.

All sidewalks must be cleared by the property owners within 12 hours after it has stopped snowing. If this is not done, the city will clear the snow and add the cost to the property tax at the end of the year.

Story City’s Snow Emergency Ordinance bans the parking of any vehicle on a public street, alley or parking area in the public right-of-way while in effect. A snow emergency parking ban will begin when the National Weather Service predicts 2 or more inches of snow and ice or when 2 or more inches of snow or ice has fallen.

The snow ordinance will continue through the duration of the snow/ice storm and 48 hours after cessation, except upon streets having been fully opened, which means snow has been removed or plowed from curb to curb or edge line to edge line. There will not be an official declaration of each snow emergency.

If snow and/or ice are in the forecast or have fallen in significant enough quantity to require crews to plow, the city of Story City asks that you do not park in the street. Once your street has been plowed as completely as conditions allow, you may again park your vehicle in the street. But remember, even if your street has been completely plowed and it is still snowing or significant snow remains in the immediate forecast, the parking ban would still be considered active.

Warnings may be issued for the first snow emergency of the winter. Once the warning phase is over or if a vehicle has not been moved after a warning, a $25 parking ticket will be issued. Chronic violators or anyone who refuses to remove a vehicle may find their vehicle towed, at their expense.

The ordinance also states that no person shall throw, push or place any snow from private property, driveways or sidewalks onto the street or alley.