Over the last several years, the City has accomplished a number of projects including: 1) New Swimming Pool, 2) South Park Project, 3) Reconstruction of Broad Street, 4) Extension of Holm Avenue, 5) First phase of improvements to the North Park, and 6) Replacement of storm and sanitary sewer mains.

Moving forward into 2018, the City has a couple of key projects scheduled. The Wastewater Treatment Plant is nearly 30 years old and has many items needing to be replaced or upgraded that have operated beyond their life-expectancy. Like all things when they age, there comes a time when certain things need to be replaced. The Wastewater Capital Improvement Plan has identified approximately $2.5 million worth of needed improvements and in 2018 the city plans on investing approximately $1.2 to $1.5 million in upgrades.

The first phase of improvements to the North Park are nearly complete and in 2018 the city will complete the second phase which includes the restoration of the stream bank and replacement of the pedestrian bridges at an estimated cost of $327,410.

A great deal has been accomplished over the years and it appears we are at a point where we need to ask the question. Where do we go from here? As a community, we have been blessed with many wonderful resources. We have a strong economic base and many amenities for a community our size. In 2018, as in years past, the city will bring together a group of citizens to work with us on assessing the current state of our community, its needs, the challenges it will face in the future, and develop a Strategic Plan on how we move forward.