The 23rd annual Story City Piano Clinic was held Jan. 27 at Bergen Lutheran Church in Roland. Clinician Scott Keese listened to and evaluated 58 performances throughout the day. Fifteen of those performances were selected as outstanding and were featured at the Honors Recital held that evening. The participating students were from the studios of Emily Anderson, Pam Cooper, Milianna Carlson, Nicole Farley, Amelia Flickinger, Rachel Greene, Amanda Jennings, Becky Ringsby and Suzi Stellmaker. The students participating in the Honors Recital are pictured: (front row) Grace Ann Frandson, Leah Kincaid, Peter Thomas, Hope Scarrow, Caleb Danielson, Abigail Amenson, Amber Taylor, (back row) Thad Zimmerman, Addisen Popp, Matthew Mehrtens, Isaiah Bates, Reagan Vogelaar, Ellie Nebel, Stuart Nebel and Noah Koudelka. Contributed photo