The Story City Friends Endowment is an organization that gives back to the community. Since its beginning in 2014, over $50,000 has been donated to the permanent endowment fund which then, in turn, contributes back to the community up to 5 percent on an annual basis.

“We are pleased with how the Story City community has supported the endowment. This past year we reached the $50,000 milestone,” Vice President Pete Tekippe said. “People understand how this is a permanent fund that will address community needs annually and will continue to make a difference forever.”

Approximately $2,200 will be awarded in 2018 to qualified, 501.C.3. nonprofit organizations that make an impact in Story City. Any non-profit wishing to request funds should submit a plea letter by April 16, indicating organization name and contact person, amount requested, and what the funds are to be used for. Plea letters should be sent to Dwayne Fiihr, SCFE President, 339 Layfayette Ave, Story City, IA 50248. For more information, please contact Dwayne Fiihr at 515-733-4486 or Karen Hermanson at