Members of the Roland-Story High School Agriculture Department will be involved in the upcoming months with a program sponsored by Key Cooperative called “Bushels for Ag.” This program was established to help students better understand the concepts involved with marketing. Key Cooperative provided the Agriculture Department with 100 bushels of corn and 40 bushels of soybeans.

“This is a great hands-on learning opportunity for the students,” said Brad Taylor, high school agriculture instructor. “Every single student in our Ag Business class will be involved with marketing concepts. This activity should open their eyes to the amount of financial risk that the farming community faces on a daily basis.”

The students in the agribusiness class will be learning about financials and the need for making business decisions based upon accurate financial information. These students will be making the decisions on when and how much to market based upon the marketing plan they will be developing. In addition, these same students will be learning more about the concepts of marketing — cash markets and futures marketing later in the semester.