While doing research in the 1917-18 Heralds I came across a series of caricatures titled “Men of Affairs” that featured men in Story City who were leaders in the community. There wasn't much description or announcement of the cartoon series in the 1917 newspapers, they just started appearing in October. In the edition of the Herald with the second cartoon there was a short paragraph about the series: “The Herald's series of cartoons of 'Men of Affairs' contains its second installment this week. Our readers should cut them out and paste them in their scrapbook. They will prove more and more interesting as time goes by.” The Story City Herald will be reprinting these 100-year-old caricatures in upcoming editions of the Herald. I thought it would be interesting to also run a “Women of Story City” caricature series featuring current female leaders in our community. Local artist, Rod Bohner, will be drawing these caricatures in a similar style to the original ones. We hope you enjoy viewing the caricatures and learning more about Story City's former leaders as well as our current community leaders. Don't forget to check back each week for a caricature.