Your “real” job:

Commercial property owner and retired

Your position on the board:

Antique Carousel Representative

Why do you volunteer:

When you are a part of making things happen, there is a great feeling of accomplishment. You meet incredible people.

Why do you think Story City is special:

Our work ethic and pride. Not every town owns or would have maintained a 1913 antique carousel the way Story City has. It is a pretty incredible story, beginning with the purchase in 1938, to the restoration in 1982, to now celebrating 35 years in its current location in the park. It takes the support of community members, as well as businesses, the City, and organizations to keep it operating. 105 years and it looks awesome!

Interesting tidbits about you:

Founding member of Judge Story’s Theatrical Troupe (and came up with that name), directed “Music Man” in 1984, Scandinavian Days Board 1993-1995 (yes during the floods of 1993), love to travel and spend time with our seven grandkids.