Roland Friends ‘n Service met at Bergen Lutheran Church for Guest Night on Tuesday, Sept. 11. President Cindy Stole opened the meeting with introductions of the guests. This was followed with a delicious meal made and served by hostesses, Sylvia Anderson, Tari Canny, Diane Beck and Judy Juhl. Entertainment for the evening was provided by the program committee of Margie Webb and Rhoda Nerem. Rhoda began by telling the history of Friends ‘n Service when it began as Wa Tan Ye, how the name was changed, and some fun stories of the past years of service. Margie Webb then came out dressed in her oversized shirt, jeans, and a broom to introduce the rest of the program which was a skit titled, “The Basic Blue Jeans.” Ten of the members had been “drafted” to be “models” for the skit of how jeans definitely fit in a woman’s life no matter the occasion, from wedding day to golf, and anything you can imagine. It was a fun evening enjoyed by all!