We are still adjusting not only to the fall like temperatures and threats of blustery days ahead, but we continue to adjust our programs to the schedules that work best for our families who use the library.

We recently moved our KOOL Makers’ Club from Thursdays to Tuesdays after school. This program offers K-4th graders a chance to build, explore and create for about an hour each week, using everything from Keva Planks to STEM kits, working with the Story County Extension or just working on projects designed by our staff. Building on skills, developing new ideas and concepts offers our young people an outlet with adult assistance and direction beyond the classroom. We hope that Tuesdays from 3:45 to 4:45 schedule will work better for everyone.

We also began opening on Sundays when school started in September, offering our local users another day of service in addition to the opportunity to peruse our book sale room. This is the time of year we typically have a chance to review our collection, and begin adjusting to changes in use. This is also when we have time to weed the materials that are not getting used. And of course, this is also why our sale room becomes overloaded.

We want to remind our community that the book sale is continuing through the end of November. This is a wonderful chance for those planning to go south over the winter months to stock up on books and materials that they won’t have to worry about returning. Our large print collection, our paperback and fiction shelves are completely full, and to put new books on the shelves, we need to rotate off some of those which have spent too much time on the shelves, not in readers hands. in addition to many personal donations, our booksale room is stock full, with the entire inventory changing since summer. We suggest bringing your own box, as for only $5 you can fill it with anything we have in the sale room.

We have had to request no further donations until the sale is done, so we have room for the things we have to withdraw yet this fall. Some of the books that have been donated have allowed us to upgrade our existing copies in the library that were falling apart, in addition to filling in holes in series that we try to keep complete. The sale room is a project of the Bertha Bartlett Public Library Foundation, and all proceeds from the sales go back to help fund projects for the library.

We are also shifting and changing our large print collection, buying more best selling authors in large print, striving to keep up with the patrons whose eyesight needs are also change. Our audio book collection just had an influx of new titles also, so for those who travel regularly or like working with a book being read to them, we have some new selections.

I tell people we have a living library, the book shelves don’t get dusty from lack of use, they are constantly moving and growing, shifting and changing as our patron use shifts and changes. So be sure to see how your library has evolved as we close out the fall of this year!