Students in the Roland-Story agricultural shop class have been spending the bulk of their time this semester working on various projects to help them learn how to safely use wood shop tools.

In their latest project, which is called “Farm Animal Cut-Out”, the students gained skills in using a biscuit jointer to joint together two boards. From those boards, they then had to create a 3-D cut out of a farm animal they have an interest in and a base to exhibit it on. In addition, the students are learning about paints – their differences and well as application methods.

According to Jimmy Philipsen, a sophomore student of the class, “This class teaches us how to use equipment many of us aren’t familiar with. This will help many of us in the future by allowing us with the experience of making small home appliances or even gifts for others. It could save us a lot of money in the long run if we know how to use our hands.”