Roland-Story veterinary science students have been engaged this month in the study of cellular biology and most recently respiration and circulation. In their latest lesson, they have explored the effects of respiration and heart rate under various conditions.

Conducting these studies on animals is challenging, so students used themselves to test respiration and heart rate since domestic animal systems are similar to their own. They where than able to make inferences about animal systems as well as human systems.

“The various lessons provided each student the unique opportunity to identify and explain the function of the parts of the respiratory and circulatory systems of various animals,” said Brad Taylor, veterinary science instructor. “One of our upcoming activities will involve the dissection of fetal pigs from which we will be able to study internal anatomy.”

Another class activity was titled “Raise the Beat,” in which the students were working on the understanding of blood pressure and animal respiratory rates and how they impact the circulatory system.