Story County is proposing to amend its stormwater management and erosion and sediment control ordinance and seeking public input.

A facilitated discussion of the proposed ordinance amendments will be held on Thursday, May 9, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the public meeting room located on the second floor of the Story County Administration Building, 900 6th St., Nevada.

Story County Residents, stakeholders and those who may be affected by the ordinance amendments are encouraged to attend.

A draft of the proposed ordinance for review prior to the discussion is available on the Planning and Development website,, or a copy can be requested at the Planning and Development Office, 900 6th St., Nevada.

The current stormwater and erosion control ordinance is limited to requiring property owners install perimeter sediment controls and requiring that best management practices for stormwater management be used.

Proposed amendments for stormwater management include establishing design criteria addressing the volume and rate of stormwater runoff permitted for developments that disturb over one acre.

Proposed amendments for erosion and sediment control include requiring temporary and final site stabilization and that practices to minimize the area disturbed are used on all construction sites. Perimeter and other controls are proposed to be required for sites with sensitive features that are susceptible to erosion. Topsoil restoration requirements, a stabilized construction entrance requirement and concrete waste requirements are also proposed. For land disturbance activities that do not require a zoning permit, a grading permit is proposed. These requirements would only apply to sites where an area under one acre is disturbed.

For those unable to attend, input is requested by May 9. Input can be via phone at 515-382-7245, in person at the Story County Planning and Development office or may be submitted in writing by mail or by email to