Mike Brown, featured several years ago in the Nevada Journal and from Ames, finished out the day at the 2019 CrossFit Games with one of his best events ever; a two rep max overhead squat. Brown tied for the event win and was able to put up 185 pounds twice! Make no mistake about it folks, this man is STRONG!

What sets Brown, who works out at The ARENA in Nevada, apart from most other athletes is his Christian faith, his heart, his humble demeanor and his sportsmanship. This truly makes him a fan favorite and local celebrity.

Mike was also one of only two returning athletes to his division, which is an accomplishment in itself!

His friends at the ARENA say, “What a week for this guy and we could not be more proud of Mike. We are thankful to those who traveled to Madison to support him and all those who have supported him in this journey over the past several years. Well done Mike, well done.”